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Get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our video series! Topics include credit, budgeting, net worth, savings, the importance of giving, wills, auto & home insurance, health insurance, interest, life & disability insurance, saving for children and college, long-term care insurance, the path to retirement, and a bonus lesson!



Learn more about what's covered throughout the course and within each module.



Here’s what your employees and/or clients will receive with “The 12 Step Financial Wellness Course”:

The 12 Step Financial Wellness Course ($400 Value)

  • This course holds the keys for them to grow rich in financial wisdom, achieve their goals, and feel great about their future
  • Learn to change their habits and discover wealth that lies hidden in their current finances
  • Feel financially well and not worry about their finances

Master Your Money Worksheets ($50 Value)

  • Make finance goals
  • Track their bills & expenses
  • Create savings goals and start to operate on a budget
  • They’ll find tools to help them with these and many other objectives

The Goal Journal ($20 Value)

  • Set goals and achieve them easier
  • See progress every step of the way
  • Bring more joy and creativity to their life
  • Motivate them to take control of their life

Help Start Their Initiative With These Amazing Bonuses!

BONUS 1 ($50 Value)

All About Credit & All About Financing E-Books

  • These E-Books are their solution to understanding bank lending products
  • Become better educated on different credit facilities they may have or have available to them
  • Feel more knowledgeable and be able to follow along with advice given in the 12 Step Fiscal Fitness Course in regard to debt

BONUS 2 ($30 Value)

How to Pay Off $20,000 in Credit Card Debt in 5yrs

  • This E-Book & Action Guide makes it easy to pay off their higher rate debt in a systematic manner
  • Finally get rid of their credit card debt
  • Feel a sense of financial freedom knowing they are working toward their goals

BONUS 3 ($100+ Value)

New Videos & Information Updates

  • Updated and new content will be added
  • Answers to their questions
  • A broader range of topics will be covered
  • Continue to be financially knowledgeable with no extra costs

Here’s What They Get Today

  • The 12 Step Financial Wellness Course ($400 Value)
  • Master Your Money Finance Planner ($50 Value)
  • The Goal Journal ($20 Value)
  • BONUS #1: All About Credit & All About Financing E-Books ($50 Value)
  • BONUS #2: How to Pay off $20,000 in credit card debt in 5yrs ($30 Value)
  • BONUS #3: New Videos and Information Updates ($100+ Value)

Total Value: $650+ per user

But today, you can give a lifetime of financial knowledge and guidance to an unlimited amount of clients...

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