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My Finance Trainer

My Finance Trainer


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My Finance Trainer was birthed from a vision that individuals should have access to relevant and helpful financial guidance from an experienced professional in the industry without feeling the pressure of being sold something or taking time from their loved ones to have a formal meeting with someone.  

I've been an industry professional for over 20 years and provide guidance on a daily basis to the clients of my business, Ascend Financial.  We handle all things financial including all lines of insurance as well as investments.  In addition, I've been blessed with over a decade of experience as a business banker and therefore bring beneficial experience in this area of expertise as well.  

The journey began with an educational video series that I produced to offer for sale to individuals interested in growing their financial understanding and looking for guidance.  I have a strong desire to educate and help others and was led to offer it instead for free via our YouTube channel with the idea that we would continue to offer further advice on various topics while answering questions from viewers too.  

On our site, you'll find a wealth of information on a multitude of financial topics and I encourage you to explore to your heart's desire.  If you'd like access to additional materials we developed including our financial mastery and budgeting materials, credit score guide, goal journal etc, please sign up today!  Subscribe and follow us on YouTube and Facebook as well to continue to get fresh new content.  Thanks for visiting and I wish you all of God's best and many blessings to come!

Kris Jerke