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Kris Jerke

Kris Jerke

With over 20 years spent in the financial services industry, I've served both as a business banker and insurance and investment representative and have reaped much financial wisdom over that time.  My Finance Trainer is my opportunity to share this wisdom with others to help as many better themselves financially as possible.

I'm a farm kid from South Dakota and live with my wife and three daughters in Sioux Falls, SD where we operate a financial services business with a ministry focus of serving others living by Galatians 5:13 where Paul instructs us to "serve one another, humbly in love."

It's my aim to better clients' financial standing, through education and awareness as well as saving them money on financial products and services.  One of my biggest education goals for others, that I feel is not well understood, is the amount of fees and expenses individuals pay for their investment services and I've made it my aim to educate others on this and bring more awareness to the issue.

I hope you enjoy and take advantage of all of the resources available here including our YouTube channel and Facebook page.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel, like our Facebook page and click on the 'Member Access' button at the top of our site to get free access to a ton of other proprietary resources I've put together for you.  I know you'll benefit from them and enjoy utilizing them!  

I'm so thankful you've decided to visit and sincerely pray that you utilize our resources to save and make more money for your family.  Please share us with others as we want to serve as many as God wills!  I'll leave you with my four 'B's...Be kind, be faithful, be wise and be blessed!

- Kris

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